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I’m delighted and honoured to report that the editors of the ABA Journal have included Law21 in their 2008 listing of the 100 best law blogs. It totally caught me off guard — I didn’t even know they were handing these things out this month — and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s an honour to appear on the same list as many of these other blogs that I’ve been following for years. I’m deeply gratified, just as I’m gratified every time you tune in to this blog to see what’s new.

The Blawg 100 includes a Reader’s Choice portion, whereby people can vote for their favourite blog in each of various categories. Here’s the complete list of voting categories and nominees, and here’s a link to the voting page for the Careers blog section, where Law21 resides.

Now, this is emphatically not a suggestion that you cast a vote for Law21; but it is emphatically a suggestion that you vote for one of these great blogs, because it’s important that all this fantastic writing  be recognized. I’m likely to cast my own vote for one of the other blogs, because I so much admire the tremendous quality and insight of what their authors produce.

If you simply must cast a vote for something I recommend, please click here. And thank you, as always, for reading. Your time is the most valuable recognition Law21 receives.

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3 Responses to “Law21 makes ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 list”

  1. Steve Matthews

    Not so! Vote early, vote often, and most of all Vote Law 21! (And Slaw in that other category…)

    Now is not the time for modesty, now is the time to blow one’s own horn! Give me a ‘L’, Give me a ‘A’, Give me a ‘W’, Give me a ‘2’, Give me a ‘1’!

    Now, where are my pom-poms… ;)

  2. Donna Seale

    Congratulations Jordan! Law 21’s appearance on the list is well-deserved. And now off I go to vote….!

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