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There’s big news at Law21 today — some major announcements that I hope you’ll find as exciting and energizing as I do.

After more than ten great years with the Canadian Bar Association, I’m stepping down next month from my position as editor-in-chief of National magazine and executive editor of CCCA Magazine. This was anything but an easy decision, because the CBA has been a fantastic employer and my colleagues have been terrific since day one. I’m immensely grateful for such a valuable experience with one of the world’s best bar associations. But after a decade editing the CBA’s and CCCA’s magazines (and two years prior to that editing The Lawyers Weekly newspaper), I’m ready for new challenges — and here they are:

I’m joining global advisory firm Edge International as a partner. I’ll be offering both strategic and tactical advice to lawyers, law firms and legal organizations, centered around my very clear vision of a legal service marketplace undergoing massive and irreversible change. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to work with world-renowned colleagues like Gerry Riskin and Robert Millard, and we’re looking forward to the services we can offer together.

I’m also joining the dynamic team of rising stars at Stem Legal as a senior consultant and principal of our new Legal Media Strategy service,  providing media and communications advice to lawyers and law firms across the U.S. and Canada. It’s going to be a tremendous experience working with the talented Stem team and with one of the leading thinkers about the emerging science of lawyer SEO, marketplace identity, and client communication in the online world: Stem founder Steve Matthews.

Throughout all this change, I’ll continue to post here at Law21 and outline the unfolding nature of the new legal profession. I aim for Law21 to be even better in the months and years to come, thanks in no small part to my new colleagues and the new client opportunities to come. I’m excited and incredibly positive about what the future holds — and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

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11 Responses to “Charting a new course”

  1. Susan Cartier Liebel

    Jordan, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! You deserve everything wonderful which comes your way. You are innovative, clear-visioned and an asset to the legal community at large. Looking forward to everything you offer.

  2. Steve Matthews

    Not sure if it’s appropriate for me to wish you congratulations here or not, but I will anyway. … That you’re smart and a visionary, few will deny. But what most of your new clients are about to realize is that you are one of the most conscientious people around. You care about the advice you give, the work product you deliver, being timely, and you listen to the views of others. Those are great qualities for any service provider, and I know they will serve you well.

    Welcome aboard Jordan! And a big congratulations to our friends Gerry and Robert at Edge International. It’s good new all around!

  3. Laurie

    Congratulations Jordan! What wonderful new opportunities for you – I’m sure it will quite the experience!

  4. Rob Pettapiece

    Don’t forget your humble blogging beginnings, Jordan: from Maikel Jova to Michael Clayton (sort of). Congratulations, although success is expected from you: I didn’t call you a genius last year for nothing…

  5. Mary Abraham

    What wonderful news, Jordan! This is a great time to be offering innovative ideas to an industry under pressure. I know you’ll enjoy your new colleagues and the exciting opportunities their work presents.


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