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The new capitals of law

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A minor parlour game for BigLaw cognoscenti is the question of which city will be the next world capital of law. New York has held the unofficial title for many years, although London made a powerful case throughout the 2000s. Down the road, who knows? Maybe Hong Kong or Shanghai, possibly New Delhi or Mumbai;… Read more »

What I’ve said and where I’ll be

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Time for my regular roundup of what I’ve written in other locations recently, along with a quick itinerary of my upcoming speaking appearances. 1. I’ve been especially busy at Law Firm Web Strategy, the blog of Stem Legal, with three recent posts on social media: Sponsored stories: Facebook’s legal marketing breakthrough? considers a new advertising… Read more »

Law schools and the law of supply and demand

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If law schools were publicly traded companies and you held some in your portfolio, I would be strongly advising you to sell. Fast. Here’s a quick review of some recent news concerning the US legal education industry and the legal profession it is purportedly preparing its graduates to enter. As reported by the Wall Street… Read more »

Countdown: it’s time to enter the 2011 InnovAction Awards

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Lawyers are supposedly averse to innovation. Apparently, someone forgot to inform these law firms and companies. Allen & Overy, whose FIG Global Compensation Tracker helps banks and hedge funds monitor compensation reform initiatives Campbell Law Group of Boulder, Colorado, which is developing a global distributed legal support infrastructure for social enterprises Choate Hall & Stewart… Read more »

Why do law firms exist?

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What is the point of a law firm? This is neither a rhetorical nor a snarky question. I’m interested in nailing down the economic rationale for a law firm’s existence. What benefits flow to both clients and lawyers from law firms? In what ways are the buyers and sellers of legal services better off because… Read more »

A changing of the guard

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Legal historians might look back at the spring of 2011 and judge it the time when the old law firm model began to pass away and a new one began to take its place. Specifically, they might contrast last month’s dissolution of Washington-based global firm Howrey LLP with today’s announcement by 300-lawyer Irwin Mitchell LLP… Read more »

Solo innovation

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Conventional wisdom has it that when the meteor struck the earth millions of years ago, the small early mammals survived because they could slip into underground holes and caves, while the larger dinosaurs, with nowhere to go, were struck down. Not to do overdo the analogy, but a series of innovations in solo and small-firm… Read more »

Not wanted on the voyage

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From the incumbent’s point of view, the only thing worse than a revolution that topples you is one that renders you irrelevant. You can mount a comeback from exile; you can’t mount a comeback from Nobody Cares. Law firms, pay close attention. We’re now less than six months away from the implementation of the Alternative… Read more »

I get around

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Time for another roundup of articles I’ve recently published elsewhere — a bit more extensive than usual — with the thought that you might find some of them interesting. I’d like to start with a link to the newest edition of the Edge International Review, a semi-annual collection of articles from my partners in Edge…. Read more »

The stratified legal market and its implications

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An extraordinary conversation has emerged among multiple authors in the blawgosphere over the past few days. It revolves around a pressing question: in light of the huge changes in the marketplace, what will become of law firms? More specifically, given the increasing segmentation and stratification of the universe of legal work, how can law firms… Read more »

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