Law is a Buyer’s Market

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ISBN: 978-0-9953488-0-6
Page Count: 244
Format: Kindle
© Copyright 2017 by Jordan Furlong

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Law firms are experiencing a wrenching period of upheaval. Economic crises, technology explosions, and a regulatory revolution have spawned a wave of innovative competitors. Newly empowered clients have adopted aggressive buying behaviours and begun dictating the terms of their relationships to law firms. Law has become a buyer’s market, and it’s never going back.

Faced with this unprecedented competitive landscape and an industry-wide drop in demand for their services, law firms need effective solutions to these existential challenges. And they need them now.

Jordan Furlong, one of the foremost analysts of the global legal market and a leading strategic forecaster of its future, explains how to create a law firm built to succeed in this new market. Re-envisioning the purpose of firms and the role of lawyers, he has designed a transformative buyer-first law firm that rethinks the business model, culture, client service, competitiveness, profitability, growth strategies, diversity, and leadership of legal enterprises.

When clients change their purchasing patterns, law firms need to change their approach. Law Is A Buyer’s Market will help you adapt to the new legal market and lead your firm into the future of law.

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