The professional services I offer to clients include:

  1. Strategic Advisory Relationships, in which I provide a customized range of strategic consulting and tactical advisory services to legal organizations and their leaders.
  2. Reports and White Papers, in which I research and write detailed reports for legal organizations, recommending new priorities and pathways for future growth.
  3. Keynote Presentations, in which I deliver compelling overviews of structural changes in the legal sector worldwide and provide tailored advice for how to adapt to them.

Here are some examples of my deliverables in these areas in 2020:

  • I researched and prepared a report into lawyer licensing and competence for the Law Society of Alberta, which accepted all my recommendations and is currently in the process of implementing them.
  • I provided the executive leadership of four Canadian legal regulators with weekly environmental scans of relevant developments in the legal sector, accompanied by advice for how the regulators could respond to these developments.
  • I delivered online presentations to law firm executives in Boston; law school classes in North Carolina, Utah, and Manitoba; a legal technology conference in Peru; and leaders of legal regulators from a dozen different countries in two separate virtual conferences.

More details about my current scope of practice are here.

My Clients

The clients I serve in these foregoing areas include:

  • Law schools
  • Bar associations
  • Bar admission entities
  • Law societies (Canada)
  • State bars and Supreme Courts (US)
  • Professional development providers
  • Law firms and other legal organizations

To receive a representative list of clients for whom I have worked in the last 10 years, or to discuss any of the foregoing with me, please email me at or call me at 613.729.7171. You can also follow me on Twitter at @jordan_law21.