5 blogs and 5 blawgers

Eight months into this gig, and I’ve finally received my first “five things” meme! Colin Samuels at Infamy or Praise went and tagged me in his recent post to continue this game: “The idea is to post links to five great blogs (other than law blogs) on your blawg and tag five of your favorite blawgers to do the same under the post title ‘5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers.'” Done and done:

Seth Godin: Seth’s ideas and perspectives are prima facie valuable — I link to him often here —  but what I admire most about his work is, first, his ability to deliver powerful thoughts with the utmost conciseness, and secondly, his unspoken but clear belief that marketing is a profession with moral implications, one that can and should make things better. Here are three of my favourite Seth posts: Responsibility, Price, and Labor Day.

Publishing 2.0: The upheavals that the law is now experiencing hit the mainstream media several years earlier, and that industry, one close to my heart, is still wracking itself trying to adjust. Scott Karp is one of the clearest voices for reform and innovation in the media business, and just as the best law bloggers focus relentlessly on the client, he focuses relentlessly on the reader. Lawyers could learn a lot from Scott’s deconstruction of a traditional profession in turmoil.

The Technium: After co-founding Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly has gone on to do any number of things, including a fascinating blog (really a book in progress) called The Technium. Briefly, it explores technology’s impact on society and business, but it’s much deeper, more innovative and more profound than that. Here are two examples, blog posts titled Better Than Free and 1,000 True Fans, that have particular resonance for anyone, like me, who makes their living creating something that can be copied and pasted.

Indexed: Jessica Hagy has mastered the previously unknown art of being both funny and thought-provoking with nothing more than graph paper and a pencil. Indexed delivers a daily cartoon that relies on nothing more than a standard X-Y chart or a Venn diagram to make some trenchant points about youth, celebrity, suburbia, recreation, media, and the future, among many others.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Maybe it’s not a blog in the strictest sense, but this NASA-run site provides a stunning new vista every day, from gigantic nebulae and the surface of Mars to the center of the galaxy and the north pole of Saturn. I’m not even a backyard astronomer, but APOD gives you a daily opportunity to pull yourself away from your momentary preoccupations and quietly marvel at the sheer scale and brilliance of the universe.

There you have it — five non-law blogs that I think will reward your time. Time to tag five other law bloggers with this meme: Simon Fodden, William Henderson, Nick Holmes, Susan Cartier Liebel, and Bruce MacEwen.

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