Law21 honoured with CLawBies

I don’t have any other words for it — I’m honoured and humbled that Law21 received the Best Canadian Law Blog Award, and tied (with David Bilinsky’s marvellous Thoughtful Legal Management) for the Practice Management Award, in the 2008 edition of Steve MatthewsCLawBie Awards for Canadian legal blogging. It’s just a huge compliment when measured against the remarkable breadth and quality of the other winners and the Canadian legal blawgosphere as a whole, which I’ve been saying for awhile is one of legal blogging’s best-kept secrets.

As part of my congratulations to the other winners, I urge you to go through the list and visit each of the winning sites — your time will be more than amply rewarded. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Steve and to those bloggers who suggested Law21 for an award — I’m touched, and I’m all the more determined to keep giving Law21 my best in 2009 on your behalf.

Just a quick note for regular readers — family and other matters will be taking me away from the keyboard for about a week or so. I hope to be back blogging towards the end of next week.


  1. Kate Webber

    Just curious – are you descended from the “Bernard Furlong” Furlongs of Windsor?

  2. Jordan Furlong

    Not so far as I know. :-) I’m part of the St. John’s, Newfoundland clan, though no relation to the former provincial chief justice either. I understand there’s a great concentration of Furlongs in SW Ontario, though — I must go visit some time.

  3. Yves

    Congrats Jordan. Nice way to start the New Year…

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