Media Strategy Service at Stem Legal

Since entering the consultancy world last October, I’ve been (and continue to be) fortunate to work with two great organizations, Edge International (where my focus is on strategic planning for law firms and the rapidly evolving legal marketplace) and Stem Legal (where my focus is on communications, media and social media for law firms). Today, I’m happy to let you know about a new offering we’re rolling out at Stem Legal: a Media Strategy Service. The announcement by Steve Matthews at the Stem blog provides all the details, but in summary, the Media Strategy Service is an intensive three-month project aimed at revitalizing a law firm’s or legal organization’s dealings with the media. Among the services we provide are:

  • a personal interview to establish your media-related business development goals,
  • an interactive questionnaire to determine your best media options,
  • an inventory and assessment of your current media outreach practices,
  • a customized strategic plan for using the media to promote your practice,
  • a guide to building relationships with key media personnel, and
  • a three-month period of telephone and email delivered consultation on media strategy and interaction.

I’m looking forward immensely to delivering assistance through the Media Strategy Service: it combines my dozen years’ experience in legal journalism and communications with my emerging interest in social media for the legal profession. Check out the MSS main page for more details, and please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’d like some more information.